Diverse Materials And Contrasting Colors Composing A Highly Modern Apartment in Moscow

Relaxing atmosphere of an apartment in Moscow as you can see from the pictures below is a very inviting. A project envisioned by Geometrix Design features a mixture of striking colors among soft color palette. This house combines different materials to create a stylish design and texture into this open space living.  The dining room is not separated with the living room that creates a visually larger room.  The minimalist table bar with its clean white color contrasts with the striking color of the sofa beside it. This is where the family and guests can have a fun and entertaining time together. Moving to the kitchen, the designer created a contrasting texture through its stonewalling background that becomes the focus of the zone. Hidden storage space keeps everything in its place without compromising its interior. Children’s room is also an attractive spot that might inspire you. Its distinctive wall unit gives a tone into this room.  The wall unit is a multifunction part of the room that also serves as a closet, playing area and storage area. What more unique feature offered by this apartment?  Check out the staircase that leads the inhabitants to the “roof” of the closet where fluffy pillows are waiting to comfort them. You might want to spend time for relaxing and reading your favorite books in this place. The designer’s unique taste in interior is also expressed on the walls that are decorated with puzzle-shaped panels.  When the children grow, the puzzle panels can be removed to adjust it with the changing bedroom style.  Enjoy the details and I hope that these pictures give you ideas in redecorating your home.