Efficient Use of Space in a Modern Small Apartment

Fulfilling the client’s demand of a modern living, the apartment below is perfectly designed as the interpretation of the owner’s modern lifestyle. In this apartment, the designer, Robert Garneau, employed a minimalist approach without compensating its maximum functionality.

It was a prewar studio apartment, which was beautifully renovated into a place to live with splashes of colors and textures.  The transformation called the Transformer Renovation project cleverly uses a sliding wall to separate the bedroom from the living room. The sliding wall adds a versatile look allowing the interior to reveal a library or a home office.

Transformer renovation project by Robert Garneau 13

Clever way to use most of the space is apparent from the use of multifunction walnut clad wall bed, queen size bed and a custom made sofa. The apartment offers various interesting details that will capture your heart. The inhabitants can also use this sliding wall as a projector surface to watch movies. The kitchen is also captivating with its multifunction dining table that can be converted into a countertop with push of a button. The tiled washroom wall features a walnut clad laundry hampers and linen closets that look very versatile. What do you think about this apartment?