Elegant And Modern Apartment With The View Of Stockholm City

Are you dreaming of living in an apartment with spectacular view of your city? If this is kind of living you have been looking for, you need to check out this modern penthouse in Stockholm. This modern apartment is flooded with natural light bringing a cheerful atmosphere to anyone who lives in it. The apartment that occupies a 175 square meters area, offers a comfortable living within a modern architectural design. If you look inside, the living room and dining room is separated visually with an inclined wall that creates spacious feeling. The inclined wall develops artistic sense to the apartment, which has been featured on Skeppsholmen.

To maintain the warm temperature of the house, a modern fireplace is installed in the living area. Invite friends and family to have dinner is not a problem because the dining room is quite large so it can accommodate many guests. It would be great to have an afternoon tea on the terrace while enjoying the beautiful view of the Stockholm city. Talking about the interior, the choices of color give a sense of modernity where white, black and grey are three dominant colors of this penthouse. Wooden floor stands out from the white and black furniture. The chic-looking and comfortable bedrooms, though not large, are complemented with some wide glass windows that allow the dwellers to enjoy direct view toward the city. All in all, classy and elegant is what describes this apartment. So, does it appeal you? We would love to hear your comments about this apartment.

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