Eneco’s Sustainable Office Building in Rotterdam, Netherlands

As more designers are working on sustainable architecture, Eneco recently introduced its new office building with sustainable architecture concept in its new Rotterdam Headquarters. Amsterdam-based Fokkema & Partners and Hofman Dujardin Architects worked together to design Eneco’s headquarters to be an energy efficient building as well as a healthy work environment for the workers.  As the worker enters the building, the first thing they will see is the spectacular atrium in which the natural light comes from the glass windows of the building. This open space building uses bright white as the dominant color that reflects light from above. Three large staircases function to connect the entryway and the first floor to accommodate workers who choose not to take the elevator. Energy saving is the breath of this building, that is why the workers are encouraged to recycle office waste and lower carbon footprints.

Leaving the atrium, check out the first floor that features informal meeting areas colored in different green tone. Sustainable means efficient space usage, and this building has successfully incorporated it into its workstation. This 14-floor building does only provide an open-concept working space for workers, but it enables workers to socialize in a balanced office building. The working desks are cleverly designed to be flexible and efficient that they can be used by different workers in different days. Looking at the exterior, it is very distinctive as the wall features a living green wall on one side; while on the other side, the building is surrounded by 366 solar panels. Inspiring working place isn’t it?

Eneco Headquarter kitchen