Energy Efficient House Featuring Refreshing Interior Design by Stelle Architects


Built with direct sea view, the project completed by Stelle Architects features a minimalist living with fresh ocean breeze. The residence, which rests in Bridgehampton, New York, is designed to be well integrated with the surrounding landscape. With its simple rectangular shape, the house looks highly modern. The extensive use of large glass windows makes the inhabitants can easily see the surrounding natural view from most of the rooms’ corners. The architect also took into account the strength and durability of this house due to the strong wind that comes from the ocean and the salt water, which may be damaging.  Therefore, strong steel framework is used to secure it from the surrounding salt water environment. Maximizing the potential of its surrounding, the house uses photovoltaic cells, geothermal heat, and hot water panels to reduce the energy consumption. Natural ventilation allows fresh wind breeze to blow into the entire part of the house.  This residence also features a garage for two cars and a swimming pool in the backyard. With the captivating interior, wouldn’t it be a great beach house you want to live in?