Fabulous Transformation of An Apartment in Singapore

Check out this Singapore apartment that was once a boring place dwelled by a young woman and her mother. With a commitment of excellence, the apartment was successfully transformed into a highly modern and comfortable apartment by KNQ Associates. The creative designer behind the project, Stanley Tham, decided to turn this place into a chic and functional living area for a young person, which reflects the personality of the owner. Some of the transformations include adding and reconfiguring spaces. Mirror is widely used in here to make the space visually larger and help the room looks brighter by the light reflection. The dining room is a comfortable spot both for dining and socializing. This is where the owner can invite friends for dinner or just having a cup of coffee while chatting with friends. Bright and neutral colors are used to give a spacious look into the interior. As you can see, the color palette is dominated by white while blue color is used to give a fresh look and breaks the monotony of white color.

According to the architect, this transformation was based on the idea of making the furniture customizable to meet various functions. You can see there are numerous storage units to keep everything well organized such as messy cables. These storage units can serve as a whimsical light source as well. There is a shoe bench that serves as an additional seating for guests apart from its main function to hold shoes down. This clever storage system is also found in the bedroom where the owner shares with her mother.  Wardrobe also acts as a partition to separate private zone for each inhabitant. At the back of the kitchen, there is a utility room, which is transformed into a home office for the owner. The TV room, which is enhanced by a centerpiece wood lounge deck, serves as a place for guests to sleep over. The passion of the owner on books is also expressed into the numerous book storages in this apartment. When you scroll down