Fun and Creative Magazine Rack Chair by Seung Hal Lee

Seung Hal Lee, a South Korean designer currently living in England, has developed a creative multifunctional chair that serves as both a bookcase and a chair, which makes it a functional chair. This Magazine Rack Chair uses rails of stainless steel that function as individual hangers that can hold up to 30 magazines. This allows anyone who sits on it to easily grab each magazine without having to get up. Though it may seem not comfortable, it is undeniably a fun and creative idea. This Magazine Rack Chair is suitable and practical addition for a home office, which can be placed in waiting room or children’s room. This space saving chair offers series of slots allowing putting magazine and ensuring you will never lose your place. More unique feature this piece of furniture is the ways it provides the chair with a colorful pop which changes the monthly reading rotation. It will add aesthetic appearance and serve as space saving furniture into your home. So what do you think about this unique piece?

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