Highly Comfortable Penthouse In Stockholm

You will love the style of this Stockholm penthouse in the pictures below. Employing a minimalist modern living concept, this apartment showcases a white-dominated interior that gives a pure and clean feeling of a living. Consisting of four rooms in its two floors, this apartment is a great living in Stockholm city. The wooden tiles as the main flooring give a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the apartment, which is flooded with natural light. This apartment lies on a 101 square meters area, and it features a kitchen, a master bedroom, a bathroom, and a living room. The master bedroom offers many storage spaces, while the bathroom includes heated towel rail, dryer, shower, bath, and Italian tiles flooring.  This apartment also features speaker system, air conditioning, and under floor heating to provide more comfort to the inhabitants. Another interesting aspect of this living is the six meter height ceiling that adds spacious feeling to the interior.  A lovely place to live in isn’t it? Share your comment with us.