Highly Elegant Living Space in A Transparent Garage, Sau Paulo, Brazil

A house in Sao Paulo, Brazil showcases stunning transparent garage as its center of attraction. The garage that was designed with full glass is intended to fulfill the passion of the owner toward Maserati car. In addition, the owner wants to give a strong connection between the garage and the green view of the surrounding through the use of transparent concept space. In this way, the owner can have a direct visual access to her car. Occupying a 120 sq meters ground, this translucent garage also becomes part of the living room. The garage itself serves more than a place to put a car because it also functions as a dining space, social space, office corner and a home theater.  The furniture are very modern and look stand out from the dark-colored frame, walls and white ceiling. This is a great idea to mix modern living with the owner’s passion. A truly amazing spot isn’t? Share your comments about this modern garage below.