HOUSE: A Dream Residence By The Lake

This stunning house is a project envisioned by a Toronto-based architecture studio, Superkül Inc Architect. A house that offers a peaceful lake view features two master bedrooms on both of its end. The house entitled +HOUSE uses massive wood and glass material to give it a strong connection with the outside natural environment. According to the architecture studio, the house is protected from fungi and molds due to the inert cement blocks composing the house. Wood that is used for the frame and flooring adds homey feeling while creating a warm atmosphere. The curtain uses hemp fabric and untreated silk that looks calming when the wind blows. While the wall requires no paint finish, the clay plaster does it well as its natural color. The kitchen extends to the dining room, which creates an intimate feeling into the two zones. The deck is a great spot for the family to relax enjoying a cup of coffee while looking at the tranquil lake. Located in luscious green area in Ontario, Canada, this house features a 14 feet high glazing creating a bright and airy ambiance. Looking at its beautiful design, no wonder this house is an award-winning house. This house is indeed a great escape from busy urban life. What do you think?


+HOUSE by Superkül 13