House F: Sleek Contemporary Living Infused With Playful Light

The residential project completed by Ippolito Fleitz Group is definitely a modern contemporary house with playful design. The residence entitled House F is the result of collaboration of the owner and the architect. To fill the demand of a dream living from the owner, this house is designed with a modern architecture and playful lighting arrangement. At the entrance, the inhabitants are welcomed by a fascinating light string that leads into the house. During the night, the light fills the interior with modern yet mesmerizing ambiance. While during the day natural light reigns into the entire areas of the house. The house consists of three floors, which are connected by a staircase dividing public and private area. Each level of the house is constructed with the same clean and minimalist concept. The living space as well as the cooking area and dining room extend toward the outdoor terrace. Large glass window on the second floor enables the inhabitants to fully see the view outside. From the front, the house looks visually large due to its clean shape architecture details. While from the inside, the House F looks very comfortable and inviting with its clever lighting arrangement. The furniture choice is kept sleek and elegant to perfectly blend with the whole concept of interior. Is it kind of your dream living? Share your comment about this house.

House F by Ippolito Fleitz Group 12