House The: A Modern Luxury House With Concrete and Natural Element in South Africa

Nestled in the biggest South Africa’s city and envisioned by Nico van der Meulen Architects Architect, the House The is a modern residence that incorporates lots of natural elements. The house is meant to be the best reflection of modern urban living composed of wood and steel. This is a very distinctive residence and both the interior and exterior speak bold dynamic lifestyle of the owner. The interior was designed by  M Square Lifestyle Necessities in which it combines the green atmosphere accent with sharp angle of architecture.  Nature and artificial elements are very well incorporated to create a great spot for family and friends for gathering. The designer shared a bit about this project: that the new design of this house removed some internal walls to create more open space on the lower level of the house and added a porte cochere. This porte cochere is supported by two large walls at the two sides. There is also a wide column and a transfer beam. Behind the house, there is an infinite edge swimming pool offering breathtaking views where the inhabitant can have ultimate relaxation. There is also a Koi pond to give peaceful atmosphere to the house exterior. Water is obviously an important element in this house as you can see a small waterfall built in front of the main door. It gives a mind refreshing feeling through its sound. More water element is apparent in the private pool area in which there is a wide sheet of water that comes through huge wall made of steel. This concrete-dominated house is simply an impressive living in the middle of exotic Johannesburg city. Do you agree with us? Share your comment below.

House The by Nico van der Meulen Architects - 1