Imposing View Of San Francisco City Featuring A Modern Interior

Incorporating a high level of privacy in a comfortable living, this house in San Francisco was designed to meet a modern urban people lifestyle. The house is located in a dense area in Bernal Height. The project completed by SB Architect takes benefit of the neighborhood to design a house that meets a lifestyle of urban San Francisco people. The home features bay window, side yards and street scape showcasing a dramatic shadow. The design is based on local vernacular and code .the result achieved is a modern living exposing clean and minimalist interior. A captivating wooden staircase becomes the vocal point of the living area that matches the flooring and ceiling. The bottom floor boosts a private space while the public areas are located into upper level. The living room opens up to the dense San Francisco city via its generously-sized glass windows. Though the color dominating the interior is neutral color palette, some striking tone is expressed in chairs and hanging lamps to break its white and wooden floor monotone color. The dramatic skylight of San Francisco adds mind soothing effect into the residence.

Bernal Heights Residence 6