Incorporating Old and New Style in A 20th Century House Renovation

Tuscum Residence is a great sample of a renovation marrying old and new style. From the outside, the architecture looks like a conventional brick house. But if you look inside, you will be surprised at how stylish and modern the interior is. The house that was a 20the century terrace house received its renovation from Smart Design Studio, Sydney, Australia. The architect explained that the house features an elegant, grand spiraling stair as its focal point. The metal staircase becomes the element that gives minimalist contemporary style to the house.  The master bedroom is kept in sleek and clean design of white and black color palette. While most rooms are dominated by soft and bright colors such as blue marine and white, the study room uses striking red color as its background. This is intended to create a mood booster element to anyone who enters this room. Kitchen and dining room open up to the small patio that create a bright and airy atmosphere through the glass sliding door.

tusculum residence 5