Intriguing Architecture of A Seaside House Inspired by Six Degrees Separation Theory

Located in Sydney, Australia, this intriguing-designed house is a home of various terraces. The residence entitled the Gordons Bay House is built with the inspiration from the theory of ”six degrees of separation”.  Designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects, the six degrees is the element that separates each human from one another. As the result, the building consists of three levels that create a balance from the boundary by six degrees. Different orientation on each level provides a different respond, which is displayed by the landscape. The residence architecture can accommodate a large group of people. In order to respond to the seaside environment challenge, the residence is built with durable and high quality material such as wall cladding and concrete. This also applies to the window, in which it is treated with ellipsoid aluminum louvers. The architect also implemented sustainable living to this house by installing photo-voltaic panels, solar hot water and pool heating. A large rainwater tank is used as the water supply for daily use.

Gordons Bay House in Australia - 2