Intriguing Tree House in Highly Modern Design Overlooking Forest Green View

Wondering what a modern tree house looks like? Check out the amazing tree house in the following pictures to see the inspiring design of a house in nature. This house is clearly fresh and natural with simple interior design that is in harmony with the surrounding environment. Every spot of the house allows the inhabitants to feel the nature of the luscious green forest surrounding it. The intriguing tree house rests on the flanks of Mount Whitfield in Cairns, Australia. All the corners of the house open up to green view of the forest.  The wood finishes are very amazing. The designer creatively built this house to have a minimal maintenance. The strong structure base came from a galvanized steel support that makes it seems like floating above the ground. The use of steel support also functions to minimize the effect to the environment. This tree house consists of three pavilions that are suspended above its natural landscape. The outdoor dining room is positioned lower than the lounge, which is covered by a large canopy as the roof. The main bedroom is a relaxing spot for resting with its magnificent green view of the forest. The west pavilion is where the guest bedroom is located, which is separated from the living area by the entry breezeway and laundry room. This is a great residence for relaxing escape away from city. Does it reflect your typical dream house? Share with us what you think.

rainforest house 1