Loft Bauhaus: A Residence Inspired by The Famous Farnsworth House

Ana Paula Baros, a designer based in Brazil recently completed a residence project entitled Loft Bauhaus. The design of this residence was inspired by the well-known Farnsworth House of Mies Van der Rohe. With its contemporary minimalist design blended with natural sense in its high quality material, the house is a great sample of luxurious modern living. According to the designer, this residence features five points of modern architecture that includes an open plan, free facade, ribbon windows and pilotis.

The house is defined by straight lines with the extensive use of wood and stone to enhance natural atmosphere and warmth throughout the interior and exterior.  The house also features a large living room that can function as a balcony for socializing area. The toilet is cleverly hidden though it is located in the same area with the bedroom and bathroom. A big glass panel is used to overlook the beautiful view of the outdoor garden. The cooking area is located on the opposite side of the room, which is merged with the dining room. The designer also takes into account sustainability in building this house.

loft bauhaus 16