Loft conversion planning permission in the area of Surrey – is it a must?

A lot of homeowners and plenty of home-restructuring enthusiasts prefer the method of loft conversion for expanding the living space at their homes and offices. Because due to this method a person could convert the otherwise unused attic space into a nicely arranged top floor. This method adds up quite a significant amount of space to your living or working area and could be applied virtually to any structure with a roof, especially in the Surrey area. Besides, it adds approximately 20% more money to the price of the real estate, which is not to be overlooked.
However, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed, especially in the Surrey area: when starting upon the loft conversion process a person should make sure that the attic of the house is stable enough and doesn’t intrude with nature or the neighbours. Otherwise, you do not need any other special papers to be issued thus you may consider yourself lucky if you are living in the UK and especially in Surrey as all laws connected to loft conversion are pretty relaxed as of now. Still there are certain provisions to be followed that are on the bases of the current building code in the UK. These provisions are actually pretty useful as they deal with the owners’ privacy and the aesthetics of the house appearance; al opening should be no less than 1.7 metres above the floor; moreover the exterior and materials need to be similar to the ones used in the other parts of the house. So in case you intend to opt for dormer windows you need to match them to the exterior and interior of the other floors.
Of course, you need to have your house revised by a building control official from the town council of the Surrey area as there may be variations in the allowed measurements in the roof size.
All in all, loft conversion is one of the fastest and, as a whole, regulation-free procedures if you are searching for ways to expand the living space in your house for a reasonable amount of money and effort.