Loopita Bonita: A Uniquely Designed Chaise Longue By Victor M. Alerman

If you want to feel different experience of enjoying summer, you need to try this creative and highly comfortable chaise longue. Designed by Mexican-based furniture industrial designer, Victor M.Aleman, the chaise lounge named the Loopita Bonita is a piece of furniture offering ultimate relaxation.

This furniture can be used by two people at the same time. It can be placed anywhere in the house both inside and outside. Imagine having a relaxing afternoon sitting in this roller coaster-like chaise lounge while reading your favorite book. This two-person chaise lounge can make your home looks like a resort. With its bright color, it will look great on any outdoor setting. You can put it by the pool side or in your courtyard. You can have a relaxing sunbath on the weekend while sipping fresh drink with your spouse.

Loopita Bonita 2