Maison P+C: A Sustainable Living with Smart Layout in Suburban Neighborhood, Indre, France

The Maison P+C is a 326 square foot modern residence that takes advantage of a unique suburban neighborhood in Indre, France. Designed by Atelier Alassoeur Architecture, this property is an ideal living space for those who want live a modern lifestyle in a sustainable residence. The unique part of the building lies in its distinctive design that can capture different light of the day. Each season will bring different atmosphere since the outdoor space is carefully developed to create heartwarming experience for people who live in there. If you love a house with more open concept in all directions, this property will be a perfect choice for you.

This home is built with high quality materials including solid red cedar that covers the wood box. In order to provide more spacious terrace with original look and shade, the volume of the house is cantilevered. You can see that green color dominates the terrace decoration, creating fresh atmosphere to the house. Both interior and exterior are contemporary designed, yet it offers warmth due to the extensive use of wood especially at the second floor of the house.

Maison P+C Right View, a lot of Grass

There is a single inner space that opens in all directions allowing natural light flowing throughout the house and creating a more spacious atmosphere. Not only that, the straight lines used in the interior bring clean and contemporary look to the house. Enjoy the pictures and tell us your opinion.