Major Changes of A Traditional House Into A Modern Urban Ravine Residence

Renovating a conventional house into an urban modern living, but still matches with the surrounding environment is always a great challenge. But with creative mind of the architecture studio from Bortolotto Design Architect Inc, a traditional cluttered house can be transformed into a modern tall residence with open-space concept. Compare how amazing the transformation by looking at the before and after pictures below and you will understand what we mean. What was a two and a half storey house now becomes a four storey residence with a more spacious feeling and less clutter. This bright house is dominated by an extensive use of glass in most of the house level. The interior is just breathtaking. The natural light coming through the glass windows reigns thoroughly into all levels of the house. The staircase is also amazing that it connects the ground floor to the highest floor. While the outside offers something else. The steps are leading to the yard surrounded by flowers and plants. As its name suggests, the Urban Ravine House is designed to allow the inhabitants to enjoy a green view of the ravine. The topography is also taken into account on the blueprint of the design. That is why the house seems to have a connection with its surrounding. The house, occupying a total of 4,000 sq foot area, offers clean and minimalist space feeling. According to the architect, the house was built by considering how the owner can overlook the beautiful view of the ravine to the south from all levels of the house. During the winter, the inhabitants can see magnificent views of the city’s tower; while during the summer months, the inhabitants can enjoy the view of the forest. So what do you think about this urban ravine house?

front of urbane ravine residence