Man Made Materials Meet Natural Resources in An Elegant Living in Costa Rica

Standing on a 4,300 square feet ground, this home with stunning open space design offers the inhabitants with a fanciful entertainment and private relaxing space. The house that is located at 416 Calle Cabe Costa Rica comes with generously-sized windows, which become the outlet for natural light to enter into the interior. The bedroom becomes its main refugee for the inhabitants to rest. The living zone is the central space of the house, which features a large and airy space for the inhabitants and guests to relax and enjoy entertainment.  Blue-tiled swimming pool reflects the dramatic light of the house, making it a calming spot in the afternoon. The house, which is a part of Peninsula Papagayo, incorporates artistic man-made materials and natural resources that create an elegant living design. Enjoy looking at the pictures and tell us which space you love the most.