Masculine Styled Apartment For A Young Single Lawyer

Architect  Diego Revollo recently came up with his new design of industrial-style apartment. This apartment is meant to be the living space for a young single lawyer who demands a dynamic and modern industrial apartment. This two-floor apartment consists of a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Masculine atmosphere can easily be seen in the interior design with the use of basic colors such as black and white palette. Furniture choice with clean lines gives subtle luxury and simplicity atmosphere. This small-sized loft is only occupying 100 sq meters. Among the neutral color palette, some flashy decorative elements are used such as the striking yellow color cabinet. The cement bricks that stretch up to ceiling and mezanine walls enhance the living zone. The wall has been coated with impermeable resin that serves as a water protection. The upper level is a living space that looks brighter, thanks to the glass wall and high ceiling that allows light to shine through. The dining room and kitchen is not separated, which is a good idea to make a small space looks wider. There is a stair that connects to the mezzanine on the upper floor, which features closet, bedroom and bathroom.


Industrial Loft - living zone