Mixture of Different Materials Composing Modern House in Santo Domingo

Aun Siento Residence takes its name from the passion of the architect and his brother on Fito Paez’s music. This residence, which occupies a total surface of 5,380 square feet ground, displays an imposing exterior and interior seen from the use of contrasting color palettes. Located in Aroyo Hondo III, Dominican Republic, this house stands elegantly around the other urban houses. It uses an open space plan with large glass windows and a direct access to the inner courtyard. Built with high-level of privacy, this house remains closed on the side facing the street. The presence of an indoor garden with stone element becomes a reminder of natural need in crowded suburban life. Spacious interior defines the house with contemporary and minimalist style.  This house is composed by mix of materials, such as stone, wood, steel, glass and brick, to give character into the interior and exterior. Captivating brick wall adds strong character that contrasts from the marble tile flooring. What do you think about it?

Link: http://www.pons.com.do/

Aun Siento house 3