Modern American home with Beautiful Views of Oklahoma Skyline

Located on a 1,794 square foot ground, this modern American home is carefully designed to respond to the Oklahoma climate. With the modern approach that can be seen from the square shaped building, Fitzsimmons Architects completed this house by incorporating the composition of concrete, steel and glass. The terrace and patios serve to extend the open floor plan further. The spacious connection between the inside building and the neighborhood is enhanced by large areas in the open floor plans. What makes it unique in accordance to Oklahoma climate is the geothermal heating and cooling combined with the insulated poured in place concrete walls that allow efficient use of energy for the inhabitants.

Contemporary design can easily be seen from the recycled rubber and maple flooring gives warm and invigorating interior in addition to the use of exposed concrete walls and steel structure. The large glass window in living room enables anyone to enjoy direct view of the neighborhood while enjoying afternoon with friends and family. The house has captured the views of Oklahoma skyline at its best.  As you can see that the tone used in this house is mainly natural color such as cream, dark red, white and brown. Simplicity and straight lines dominate the concept of the furniture, which aimed to make the house looks spacious and neat. [Photos by: Joseph Mills Photography]

Oklahoma Residence - Room