Modern Farmhouse In Sao Paulo Showcasing a Mixture Of Rustic and Modern Details

Dream of living in a farmhouse with Brazilian atmosphere? This farmhouse located in Sao Paulo might inspire you. A farmhouse named as Residence Baronesa combines three elements into one: a modern living with rustic touch and high ceiling. The project, handled by Mauricio Karam, is located on a 900 sq meter ground where the living room becomes the main attention of the house. A living room with spectacular view from its impressive high ceiling makes it an open and airy space to gather with friends and family. It is surely a spot to socialize and to hold numerous fun activities and entertainment especially with a large lounge area it has. Rustic details are apparent from the use of wooden material for the window frames and some decorative elements. This rustic style blends perfectly with the modern concept as the main breath of the house. As you can see from the lay out, wood paneling and other furniture are mainly in contemporary style. The combination of three main elements (wood, concrete and stone) is well incorporated into the house. The house also features campfire area, barbecue and swimming pool outside the house. Does this house appeal you? Share your comments with us.