Modern Living and Work Space for Artist connected by a Glass Bridge

This modern residential space is designed by a Mexican studio, M + N Arquitectos. Lying on 262 square meters area, this structure is located in Puebla, Mexico. This residence is designed to meet the need of artist both for living and working space.  The unique part of this property is the glass bridge connecting the living space and work space which becomes the heart of the building concept. This concrete modern house is designed in rectangular shape with high quality materials. The idea of this studio has gone forward showing-off an architectural design. Each of the material used has its own aim which depends on options related to acoustic, temperature and qualities of the living space.

Modern and minimalistic architecture is strongly sensed in each of the building. The building is comprised of hallway/library, dining room, living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The single bedroom is highly designed to be the comfortable sanctuary as well as a private space for the dwellers. The rest of space is used for living space and working space. T-shaped and concrete frame of the windows enhance the bedroom look and volume creating a straight view to the garden and lawn surrounding the residence. It is also carefully designed to let the inhabitants enjoy magnificent scenery as it is surrounded by beautiful landscape of the city. The home which also serves as a studio allows a direct connection to the cardinal points.

Arquitectos rectangular shaped building