Naturally Lit Residence defining a Comfortable Living

Altius Architecture, a Toronto-based architecture studio recently completed a project of modern living entitled the 360 Winnet House. This residence is located in an urban area in Toronto and designed to meet the function and style of a house for a modern family.  Nestled above a 2,370 square foot ground, this house features a cozy and welcoming interior. The house that receives abundant natural light uses white and grey colors to create a clean and modern look.

Consisted of 3 bedrooms, this house features a relaxing space for family and friends to gather around. Having a 24-foot height, this building gets a refreshing air circulation. The height of the building also makes the house looks bright during the day. During the night, this house looks stunning from the outside with its lighting effect. The living room looks more colorful than the other parts of the house. Striking red color chairs break the monotony of cold white and grey palette. The bathroom is bright and clean that becomes a refreshing and peaceful zone after a tiring day of work. What do you think about this house? Do you think it is a residence with fresh atmosphere or it needs more bright colors?

360 Winnett House by Altius Architecture