Nobis Hotel: A Contemporary Hotel in Stockholm Consisting of Two Renovated 19th Century Buildings

Stockholm city always has something interesting to offer when it comes to architecture and interior. One of many stunning buildings you can find there is the Nobis Hotel. Check out how impressive this hotel is by looking at the following pictures. From the outside, Nobis Hotel looks like other typical buildings in Stockholm, but if you look inside you will gasp at how magnificent the interior is. Occupying a total surface of 8,750 square meters, this hotel features 201 guest rooms with complete amenities such as spa, event spaces, restaurants, and bars. The 19th century buildings are well merged with the modern interior yet still keep the touch of rustic style. Claesson Koivisto Rune, the architecture studio that handled the project, said that the hotel is influenced by the moods and colors of the Stockholm city. When guests enter the hotel, they are welcomed with spectacular atrium featuring a magnificent lobby. This hotel uses the concept of tranquility in its design seen from the social zone that gives a calming effect in its stunning interior. This zone is a great place to spend time with friends and family. Would you want to stay in this charming Nobis Hotel? I bet you will. We would love to know your comment about it.

A Contemporary Hotel in Stockholm