Old Edwardian Home in Australia with a Modern Touch of Cloud-Shaped Extrusion

Edwardian home is often considered as a home style that is a bit difficult to match with contemporary touch. However, this Cloud House answers the challenge. A unique house designed by McBride Charles Ryan, located in Melbourne, Australia shows off a modern extension to an old home. Based on the information from the architect, this residence is designed to answer the challenge to create a modern living space but still with the touch of original character of the surrounding. Bright color such as white dominates the whole interior. As you walk into the house, you will be welcomed by exotic floral carpet in the hallway that stands out from the white tone interior. As you can look closely inside the building, there is a disintegrated red colored ‘boxing’ that gives distinctive feature of this old property. The kitchen functions as a bridge that connects the major spaces in this property. The unusual design of this cloud-shaped extrusion gives a dramatic interior touch that makes it able to be used for various social events.

Cloud House 16