Optimizing A Small-Sized Apartment Into A Stylish Living Designed by Maurício Karam

While the previous posts mostly explain how natural light enhances home interior, this apartment offers something else. The apartment that is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil was designed for those who demand high-level of privacy. Not much of natural light penetrate into the house. However, with its chic looking design, it surely is a cozy place to live in.

The project envisioned by Mauricio Karam was designed with main purpose of optimizing a small apartment space without putting a side of its style. As the result this 45 square meters apartment looks inviting with its large perspective. Entering the dining room, you can find transparent dining table and chairs that are nicely put to accommodate four people.

modern apartment living room 1

Wooden floor goes hand in hand with wooden wall behind the TV, while the gray wall allows vivid color furniture to stand out. Soft cream rug is also in balance with the striking color of the blue curtain that serves as shade to block the outside light. Its captivating interior is also enhanced by the modern lounge and large kitchen.  Find this apartment an interesting place to live in? Share your comment with us.