Oriental Warehouse Loft: an Amazing Conversion of a Warehouse into a Modern Duplex

Edmonds + Lee Architects has just completed a project to transform an old warehouse into a contemporary living with open space concept. The duplex that is entitled Oriental Warehouse Loft is an original and amazing work, which is not only modern, but also comfortable.  The architect described that this project uses frameless glass guardrails to replace opaque guardrails in the sleeping mezzanine. As the result, the interior looks visually wider and connected directly to the living room. Master bathroom uses a generously-sized transparent glass that allows the inhabitants to see the inside and outside of the bathroom. The bathroom is actually a very amazing spot despite of its absence of privacy. The structural shell is kept in its original look that contrasts the heavy timber and brick. The steel cantilever stair connects the ground floor and sleeping mezzanine. Contemporary and sleek look is visible in the cooking area and bathroom millwork. Furniture piece and decorative elements complement the interior with its playful design. Abstract art pieces such as paintings are very well incorporated into the house, while the hanging lamp in the living room is also an interesting piece. Which spot you find the most interesting? Share your comment with us.