Our House: A Concrete Croatian House On A Sloping Terrain

Located in Zagreb, Croatia, Our House is a sample of modern living showcasing flexible interior design. Nestled above a 400 sq meter ground of the total 1,000 sq meters property, this residence is an impressive living with an open-space concept. It uses the surrounding slope terrain to enhance its design. Each level of the house features terrace and balcony displaying outside green yard view. The office is designed independently and separated from its living space. The attic is another attractive spot of this house that is located on the north wing. It is pushed back to be close to the ground floor, which in return gives the house a visually lower look than the surrounding. Both west and south parts of the house offer magnificent views. Sliding door compliments the look of the whole living space. When the door goes inside the closet, the room becomes one whole living space. But when the door is closed, it separates the room into two parts. Does this house inspire you?