Outstanding Beach House with Great Views of Mountain and Ocean

Many people dream of having a beach house, but only a few can realize it with their personalized choice of architecture and interior. A beach house below is a great house designed by the owner who also became the architect of this house. Enjoy the pictures and every detail it offers. The project envisioned by Scavullo Design takes the inspiration of beach atmosphere with respect of its surrounding environment. The use of wood is very extensive in this residence making this house warm and authentic. The villa that is named as the Stinson Beach House was built with high quality natural materials such as red cedar shingles, Alaskan yellow cedar and bluestone paving for the courtyard. The designer wanted to make a strong connection between the house and the beach. As a result, this villa becomes a comfortable and original looking beach house. The property was bought from a family in Stinson Beach and meant to keep it for three generations. Then, this house in renovated to meet the challenge of coastal environment. William Wurster as the owner at that time has a courtyard house and spacious outdoor living room. It is renovated into an H shaped house, moving the outdoor living room to the middle of the house. While the wings are used to create outdoor space in which the inhabitants can overlook the Pacific Ocean. As you can see, the living room was completed with large sliding doors that adjoin the windows and create a breathtaking outdoor view. The doors at the two sides can be opened to overlook the amazing natural views of the mountain and ocean. The owner can invite friends and family for splendid outdoor and indoor activities.