Perfect Forest House

Brian Schultz is an inspiring person with an amazing idea. He has just the though to build a forest house inspired by the Japanese architecture in the middle of an Oregon forest. His thought became reality after a year and a half and about $11,000. What is amazing about this home is that it is almost entirely built out of natural and local sources. Otherwise said, everything that has been done is a result of his innovative thought and a lot of hard work. The price that Schultz stated was around $11,000 and most of this money has gone to concrete, insulation, and shakes. After all, not everything could be made and produced by just two hands. However, Schulz has proven that if the desire is there, a person could be so creative and realize one’s dreams. Meanwhile, the journey to the dream is a priceless experience. This is a story that can be inspiring to each and everyone.



Source: Cape Falcon Kayak