Pernambuco House: A Modern Residence Defined By Modulation and Architectural Symmetry

Flavio Castro, a Brazilian architect has just completed a project named the Pernambuco House to answer a challenge to create a symmetrical residence. The house is located in a residential area in Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil. According to the architect, this house is built without frontiers allowing the house connected with the surrounding environment through its open space plan. The virtual axes on four points in the house function to organize the distribution of both external and internal environment. The two axes lead to the right and left side facade of the house, while the other two axes are located in the middle of the house. The house features garage and service on the left facade of the house. Open space kitchen is very delightful social zone for the owner and friends. Moving to the back area of the house, there is a metal stair connecting the ground floor to the terrace upstairs. Swimming and sauna pool is also an interesting aspect of the house. Moving to the second floor, there are four rooms on this level. The room arrangement uses the same logic of the first floor using a central hall of distribution. The roof is built with glass that functions to provide overhead lighting for the entire level of the house. This opening defines the marks of central axis as an exception. Sustainability is also taken into consideration by the designer in which the two openings reduce the heat that rises from the lower density. Natural light floods into all levels of the house thanks to the generously-sized glass ceiling.

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