Playful And Colorful Interior Design Of The Polaris House

The Polaris house is a residence that is dominated by woods and striking colors. Located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, this house is very inviting with the use of vivid colors in the interior. Playful and contrast elements are not only found in the use of color, but it is also easily spotted in the use of zinc clad silo that stands out from the western red cedar building. Designed by Bob Augustine, a Boston-based architect, the Polaris House takes the main theme from the owner’s request to make this house reflects what kids want. As the result, this house looks cheerful with childish vision in mind. The lighting is one of its main attractions. There is also a circular metal stair that stands out with its striking orange color. This stair connects the first floor with the second floor where the inhabitants can access library and home office. Do you find it as captivating as we do? Share your comments below.

Polaris residence - 8