Quant 1 Apartment: a Living for Modern Young Woman

Ippolito Fleitz Group recently converted a 1950’s building into an elegant modern living for a young woman. The apartment that features a master bedroom and a half bathroom implements a playful design. Fascinating colors and textures blend in harmony in this apartment named Quant 1 Apartment. Wilford Schupp, the designer behind this project, described that spaciousness is the main focus of this living.  A curve shaped staircase connects the two levels of the apartment while giving a bold statement of space.

 Bedroom and dressing room is located on the upper floor with a captivating design that suits dynamic life of young woman. The other side of the room features an oval-shaped window creating a distinctive effect that connects it to the bathroom. The bedroom is composed by diverse materials such as velour carpet, thick pile, white upholstered leather, and flower wallpaper, which makes the bedroom looks feminine. The bathroom uses horizontal porcelain stoneware that looks elegant.  A large mirrored cupboard stretches along the room is creating a visually spacious feel. Some decorative elements such as wooden sticks give an artistic touch to the changing room.