Rearranging Four Rooms into a Single Spacious Room With Rotating Partitions

Interpreting the demand of modern people for a living with simplicity yet great design, the KC Design Studio brought a project of practical apartment renovation. The project, named as the Tsao residence, implements rotating partitions that can be used to divide four spaces into one spacious open plan zone. This Taiwan based architecture studio provides a large moving screen pivot to visually separate cooking zone and living area, while the bookshelf is used as the border between bedroom and study room. Clean lines and sharp edges of the partitions are very well incorporated to create a balance look with minimalist home design. With the partitions, the inhabitants can change the arrangement of the furniture and room whatever they want. Apart from its main function to store books and small items, this clever use of partition is very suitable for people who love to rearrange their apartment to bring a fresher look to it. Originality in minimalism may be the best way to describe this apartment. Modern vibe can be easily captured from the choice of color that makes this apartment not too crowded yet elegant. Black and white palette is widely used, while natural color such as brown comes from the dark wooden flooring.

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