Rondolini Residence: A Comfortable And Modern Living In Nevada Desert

Ever dreamt of having a house in the middle of desert? This residence might be an inspiring desert land living. Nestled on tranquil Nevada desert land, the house that was renovated to fulfill the love of the owner of desert occupies a total area of 1,200 sq meters of building space and 900 sq meters for exterior. This residence is named after the owner, Fabrizio Rondolino, an Italian writer. The Rondolini Residence was renovated to meet the demand of the owner modern lifestyle. Let’s check what this house offers for the interior and exterior. The residence is built with prefabricated building system by Nottoscale. This system was adapted from the prototype of T modulome. Since it is located in a remote area where no infrastructure is built, the architect created a dirt path for it.

The house that looks enchanting in the middle of the dessert offers a minimalist design both in exterior and interior. The generously-sized glass windows connect the inner and outer part of the house. The air and natural light reign through the whole part of the house while allowing the inhabitants to view the outside scenery. This residence consists of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large kitchen, a dining room and a living room.  Both the dining room and living room extend to the outside terrace that makes it a great afternoon spot for friends and family. The bathroom features a hot bathtub, something rarely found in a dessert house. The bathroom uses green color as a mind soothing effect that contrasts with the hot dessert atmosphere. The large and open kitchen space is also very inviting.

Rondolino Residence by nottoscale 3