Rooftop Garden: A Refreshing Spot In The Heart of Sydney

With the vision of providing a refreshing spot on top of a building roof, a designer created a green escape in the metropolitan city of Sydney. Check out this garden that is located on one of skyscraper buildings in Sydney, which offers city views from above. The green garden seems to look outstanding among the concrete buildings surrounding it. This is a great sample of an oasis for relaxation in the middle of the city. The fresh look of the garden breaks the monotony and tiring urban life. The amazing garden on the 25th floor of a building is the project envisioned by Secret Garden. Surrounding the circular center of the garden grass, the formal look is obtained from the buxus plant hedging and topiary cones on each corner. While lavender complements the look of the garden. Timber seating provides a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the view of the green lavish garden and the whole city from above. This can be a great idea for your home garden on rooftop. Isn’t it a refreshing escape for city dwellers? What do you think about it?

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