Rosalie Residence: A Sustainable And Highly Modern Residence In Australia

As more people are aware of the environment, they demand a sustainable and environmentally friendly residence. It is apparent in the project brought by Rihcard Kirt Architects, in which the team designed a modern house complete with solar hot water, low energy lighting and rainwater storage which can be used for daily needs. It is why this house is sustainable and environmentally friendly building. The house that is named Rosalie Residence is located on Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. According to the blueprint of the design, this house is designed to benefit from the beautiful view of the city on the North East and Mt Cooth-tha on the South West. The modern concept home features five bedrooms that are enough for a big family. Timber screens and venetian blinds become the shield of sunlight and provide privacy to the owner. The house also features private courtyards and landscape terraces that extend from the living space and dining room. This is a great spot for family and friends while having various fun activities.  Leaving the exterior, the interior is another enchanting part of the house. Red mahogany timber flooring matches very well with the panel made of Jarrah timber. As you can see wood is extensively used in here. White walls and ceiling create a peaceful feeling to the interior allowing the furniture pieces to look stand out.

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