Secret Passage Floor Decal in a Retro Graphic Style to Add a Mystery Touch to Your Room

Designed by a New York designer, James Bit Originals, this Secret Passage Floor Decal adds imaginary hidden staircase to your interior. It might remind you of a video game like The Legend of Zelda, where you can escape real world with your own secret passage floor decal. These retro graphic floor decals are made of vinyl floor graphic, which is adhesive and can attach to the floor very firmly. This floor decal is slip and scuff resistant.

These floor decals add a witty idea to your room. If you want to place it, remember to put it on a clean floor. This 18×18 inches floor decal is enough to give a unique look to your room, especially if you put it under your desk. If you are bored with this decal, you can easily remove it and it does not damage or leave any adhesive residue on the floor. Why not buy it to add witty look to your children’s bedroom? You can get unique passageways in Dungeon Blue and Desert Sand.

retro style secret passage decal