Sixteen Doors House: Rustic and Contemporary Living in the Middle of Forest

Built in the middle of forest in rural area of New York, this inviting residence offers elegance through the use of natural materials. As its name suggests, Sixteen Doors House is a uniquely designed to have many doors. Looking at the exterior view, there are large glass windows while the entire wall is covered with wood. Large glass windows allow natural light to come in, giving a peaceful and natural feeling in the building that blends perfectly with the environment. If you take a look into the interior, you can see some parts of the interior combine rustic and modern styles such as the wall art and the furniture.

This project, handled by Incorporated Studio, offers a charming interior by introducing bright colors to enhance the interior. This living consists of a single room for living, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a dining room. The dining space and living room use open plan living concept to give more energy to anyone living there. The decorative elements are carefully chosen such as the use of unique picture frames, fluffy pillows and other stunning art decorations. So, tell us what do you think about this house? Is it kind of your dream house?

Sixteen Doors House interior