Snowflower Lamp: Playful and Creative Lamp for Any Interior Design

Designer Mencke and Vagnby recently introduced their newest lamp design named Snowflower lamp. Its distinctive shape is very eye-catching to be put in any room. The beautiful petal shape brings imagination like fairyland into your house. The designer said that it’s like a crisp and blue skied winter day.  This lamp resembles ray of sun that goes through leafy greens. The simple design and medium size give unique look to your interior whether you put it in your living room, dining room or even baby room. You don’t need to suit it to particular interior design theme because it looks good on either contemporary or classic room design. In fact, it also looks great for outdoor use such as patio. For the material, the designer used safe Japanese polyester as the main material of this lamp, which is put on 30 ribs and connected by a bottom and top ring. It consists of 150 pieces of “petals” that create playful shape. It is safe and sturdy as it is free of glare, and you can use both traditional bulb and energy saving one. You only need about thirty minutes to assemble it. It is worth your time once you have it hanging in your room and enjoy its magnificent translucent. So, what do you think of this elegant piece of lamp? We would love to know your opinion.

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Snowflower by Mencke and Vagnby 9