Space-Efficient Baby and Parent’s Room by L. McComber Architects

A newborn baby usually cries in the middle of the night when parent are sleeping, and it can be more frustrating if the baby sleeps in another room. To solve that problem, L. McComber Architects came with a unique design solution for the owner of an apartment in Montreal, Canada. It created a room for a newborn baby that is designed to ease parents to reach their baby.

As you can see, the architect created a suspended platform bed, which used tubular steel and curved Douglas fir plywood to support the bed. This is a daring design for a baby space and parents bed into one room. At one point, we can see how the designer successfully utilized the small space such as the use of opalescent storage wall to save space. However, the question is, is it practical and safe enough for a mom to bring her baby up at 3 am? If you find it interesting, share your comment about this design.

baby room 1