Stunning Furniture Design In The Middle Of Luxury Fashion Items in Idrisi Boutique

Idrisi boutique offers a creatively designed interior while displaying high end fashion items.  Lagaranja as the architecture of this studio was inspired by renovating a small-sized space packed with fashion items such as shoes, clothes, and accessories. The designer incorporated simple furniture that do not occupy too much space. It is because guests are not merely welcomed with interior, but also the fashion collections of the boutique.

The counter desk is another unique attraction of this boutique. Talking a little further about the displayed collections, the clothes are neatly hanging. Mirror is perfectly placed and used not only for guests to try the clothes, but also to make the actually small and narrow room looks larger. Some tables are displayed in the middle of the room to showcase beautiful shoes or purses. Shoes are displayed in a shelf where there is a huge mirror wall that reflects the beautiful collections of the boutique. Clothing zone uses green carpet covering the floor while shoes room uses wooden floor.

Another unique feature of this boutique as you can see is the tall cage that is made from aluminum to put some luxury items. Come to this boutique and enjoy the interior fusion while shopping?