Stunning Interior with Unique Furniture in Chelsea Townhouse by Archi-Tectonics

Located in an area of Chelsea property, this splendid residential has a strong connection between the interior and exterior. The house that stands above a 3,400 sf ground is the work of Archi-Tectonics, which features a low garden level giving a fresh look to the living. Natural materials such as brick and wood become the main element in the living spaces such as guest apartment, home office and library. The interior is defined by the long and narrow modern living room. Dark framed glass wall adds elegance in the dining room in addition to romantic light shared by two tall windows. Light is an important element as it enhances the look of grey-toned kitchen.  The second level can be accessed by using a wooden staircase. The second floor is as stunning as the first floor with unique decorative elements that complement the interior. This level is where the master bedroom is located. Take a look at the exceptional armchair made of coin. This is a piece of furniture made by Johnny Swing. Pivoting doors separate the master bedroom with the refreshing terrace outside. The green courtyard becomes the mood-booster for the inhabitants. The TV lounge also offers a captivating interior style, which is located at the same floor where the second bathroom is. Each decorative element in this house brings different feel. The chandelier in the bathroom sparks romantic sense. What do you think about this townhouse?

Chelsea Townhouse by Archi Tectonics 9