Sycamore House: A Captivating Residence With Sycamore Tree Inside The House

Located in California, the design of this house was inspired by Sycamore tree that grows inside this house. Aaron Neubert Architects, the architecture studio that handled the renovation project, has successfully transformed an old 1950’s house into a modern interior space that is dominated by wood. As you can see, the timber wood composes most of the exterior and interior of this house. This captivating house incorporates wood material into the modern interior so it can rest in harmony with the natural surroundings. The distinctive aspect of this house is the sycamore tree that grows in the bedroom, which becomes the focal point of this house. This is a great way to insert a natural element into a house. The cantilever extends over the hilly terrain projecting the house interior design into the wooden frames composing it. Isn’t it an unusual yet creative way to give a different look into your house? what do you think?