Terzani’s Collections of Luxurious Lighting

Manufactured by Terzani, these luxurious lighting collections are undoubtedly the most outstanding lighting design that provides ultimate luxury. Barlas Baylar, as the designer of the Atlantis Lighting, created the lamp to meet the need of luxurious chandelier that can be put over a long dining table. It resembles waves through the use of asymmetrical chains, which provide marvelous lighting effect.


Stream by Terzani

Terzani is an Italian based lighting manufacturer founded by Sergio Terzani and it has been producing high quality lighting since 1972.  Not only these lighting collections are carefully crafted, they also combine modern technology to create the highly artistic and luxurious design of chandeliers. Several renowned artists contributed in the design of these lighting collections such as Maurizio Galance, Dodo Arsland, Christian Lava and Nigel Coates. Besides the Atlantis, the other lighting collections from these well known artists also reflect luxury. You will be amazed how these lighting creates impression of sea animal tentacles from its chain. Other chandeliers that are named Stream and Soscik are also showcasing a stunning design of lighting. Chritian Lava, the designer of the stream, needed more than 7 km of chain to create this chandelier. Unlike the Atlantis, the Stream offers dim light to make a room feels calmer. Interested to hang one of these chandeliers in your home?